Driver’s Education

Completion of a licensed Professional Driver’s Education program is required of all Class D and M driver's license applicants under the age of 18 in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Learner’s Permit
At age 16, teens may apply for a class D learner's permit at a full-service Registry of Motor Vehicles office. Learner's permits allow teens to drive accompanied by a licensed driver at least 21 years old with at least one year of driving experience.

Junior Operator License (JOL)
At age 16 ½, teens may apply for a JOL. They must have completed:

  • 30-Hour of Driver Education
  • 18-Hour In-Car Driving Lessons
  • 12 hours of behind-the-wheel training and 6 hours of in-car observation
  • 2-Hour Mandatory Parent/Guardian Orientation
  • An additional 40 hours of supervised practice driving
  • Hold a learner's permit and maintain a clean driving record for a minimum of six months

    Parallel-Parking Auto Academy offers the following services as part of our licensed Professional Driver’s Education program

    • Complete Driver’s Education

      Comprehensive driving course for first time teen drivers – or junior operators. Students will receive both classroom and behind-the-wheel instructions on how to safely operate a motor vehicle.

      This package includes:
      • 30 Hours of Classroom Training
      • 12 Hours of Driving Instructions
      • 6 hours of Observation in a Vehicle
      • 2-hour Mandatory Parent/Guardian Class
      • Road Test Sponsorship in a PP Academy Vehicle

      We highly recommend the complete package for junior operators!

    • Junior Operator (Classroom Training Only)

      Complete 30 hours of classroom training to fulfil the Junior Operators License requirement. Designed for teens who currently hold a Massachusetts Class D driving permit. This classroom only package provide teens with a comprehensive overview of road regulations and driving basics.

      This is classroom only. Students are still required to complete 12 hours of driving instructions and 6 hours of observations before they can apply for a road test. Please consider our Complete Driver’s Education package!

    • Junior Operator (Driving & Observation Hours Only)

      Designed for students holding a Massachusetts Class D learner’s permit who have already completed the 30 hours of classroom training. This package allows students to complete the RMV 12 hours of driving instructions and 6 hours of observation requirement for the junior operator license.